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Welcome! We are glad you're here! We are a big-hearted ministry that would like to include you in our family. Moreover, we would love to celebrate your decision to receive God by way of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. No, you don’t have to physically attend our church to receive Salvation or to be a member. You can receive Salvation and join the Deliverance family right now! We’re inviting you to receive God's pursuit of a loving relationship that is real and personal. To receive Salvation and become a Virtual Member, please complete the form below and visit the link designated for you. As a virtual member, you will benefit from weekly online sermons, bible study teachings, personal prayer requests with direct responses from our Pastors and activities that are reserved for virtual members only.


Join today! Just complete the form below and you're one click away from connecting with Deliverance! 

*This membership does not end when the pandemic ends. Once you connect with us you will be connected until you decided otherwise.*

Next Steps:

  Once registered, here are the next steps for our Virtual Members (**Blue text are Links**):

  • For Salvation: If this is your first time receiving a relationship with God by way of Jesus Christ, Congratulations! Welcome to the Kingdom of God! Please complete the form below, and then visit the "I'm New in Christ" menu option.

  • Our Virtual Membership Team will contact you to confirm your information and give you a brief virtual orientation. 

  • On Wednesdays, our Bible Study now meets virtually at 7:25 PM. Now that you are a virtual member you will gain access to the link to join our Bible Study on Facebook live. 

  • Keep praying, studying God's Word, living like Jesus, and staying connected with Deliverance! 

  • In order to give your tithes & offerings you can click the following link: 


Again, welcome, and God bless!